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Data Center Solutions


Data Centers are the main and most important platform for all infrastructure services, facilities and applications. Our data center teams have the power to design and implement the next generation of data center solutions. We offer you reliable, diverse, high security, high flexibility and scalability data center solutions to assist our customers in a complex business environment. We offer services such as platforms, software and infrastructure in data center solutions. We promise to reduce complexity and improve their availability in providing these services and ensure reliable performance and satisfaction to our customers. We plan, design and work to achieve optimum performance for each data center in addition to providing trained, highly qualified and competent personnel.

The data center services portfolios include the design and implementation of the following services:

CCTV Camera and IP Camera:

These systems enable our customers to use the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and surveillance service. In addition, by combining smart technology and the human imagination, we create solutions based on vision, sound and analytics to improve security and improve business performance.

Energy Engineering:

Energy engineering includes power distribution systems, uninterruptible power supply systems, redundant battery systems, generators, energy management systems, green energy solutions, solar energy systems.

Cooling System:

Cooling System includes air conditioning systems, heat expulsion systems, raised floors for ventilation and optimum protection of chillers.

Environmental Monitoring and Safety Systems, Alarm and Fire Fighting Services:

We are engaged in providing fire detection and firefighting services. Our technical experts are highly skilled in installing handling and operating systems. This system includes fire detection systems, temperature sensors, fire sprinkler systems, FM200 suppression systems, and leak detection system.

Structured Cabling Solutions:

We provide our customers with a complete installation package including consulting, design, delivery, installation and support services.

Building Management Systems (BMS) Services:

With BMS, we enable customers to use computer-based systems to control and monitor the mechanical and electrical equipment of their buildings such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire and security systems.

Access Control Services:

For buildings requiring strict security and access control measures, we provide an access control system, which acts as a second layer in physical structure security.

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