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Systems and Application Security

Our application security offering provides specialized, multi-layered protection against threats for medium and large enterprises. This solution provides an integrated web application and firewalls to protect web-based applications and internet data. This solution also provides automated protection and multi-layered security from complex attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, and data loss. Solution also includes the following:

Web Security: Our security solutions provide complete control over all of your web traffic, providing global protection from threats. Powerful features include user authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection, and encrypted traffic visibility including the ability to stream encrypted content to an external server and content caching, bandwidth management, broadcast splitting and more.

Encrypted Traffic Security: We provide encrypted traffic management solutions that decrypt the traffic and direct payloads of interest for a variety of complex security mechanisms, including intrusion prevention systems and malware analysis.

Information Security: Due to the transfer of company data inside and outside the company’s surroundings, the company’s data is permanently threatened, thus it is difficult to combine data protection solutions with encryption, authentication and identity management. We solve this problem by protecting information comprehensively, allowing you to control policies smoothly. Data moves from the workplace to the cloud and mobile devices and everywhere in between, and prevents data leakage and loss. We also provide solutions for the ability to control the way by which an individual user can access the data. We help you discover, monitor and protect your data, as it gives you a clear view of confidential data, where this data stored, who uses this data, and for what purpose.

Data Loss Prevention: We provide security solutions to save data, find and evaluate vulnerabilities, monitor and review databases to improve data security across the organizations and institutions with data encryption, including endpoint and disk encryption, full disk virtual machine encryption engine, applications, folders, file and email encryption solution.

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