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Watania Solution Company (WSC) provides many services with the aim of reaching the maximum number of necessary operations for the completion of your work. We provide high quality ICT services consistently with cost effective solutions. We have experienced professionals at our disposal to provide total information system solutions at the lowest costs.


Consulting Services

WSC has a group of specialized consultants and experts in providing advice and consultations to companies want to setup new commercial projects such as:

  • Providing Legal Support.

  • Working alongside or customers to create a unique strategy to facilitate formulating and providing of solutions and technological services.

  • Assisting in system upgrades and product integration in the required IT-related maneuvers for related business operations.

The company is keen that the solutions support the business goals in addition to reducing the downtime as much as possible while trying to integrate with old applications and upgrade the various platforms, so that the customer gets the maximum benefit from his investment.


Managed Services

WSC is a dependable source of flexible and innovative managed services for your various business requirements. We ensure full liability for our services via agreements with measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and proven Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This guarantees the satisfaction of our customers and allows them to obtain worry-free, well-managed and competent IT-services.


        Project Management Services

WSC provides all necessary services for professional project management to our customers. We have certified business analysts to provide top-of-the-range project management, such as assessments, investigations and applicable recommendations for the execution of your project as per your needs and the relevant circumstances. Our project management team takes into account the latest international standards and methods, new and evolving technologies, risk assessments for all projects.

Workforce Outsourcing Management

No industry can excel without qualified and trained staff. We offer a diversified professional team with competencies and experiences in the ICT industry at the basic and professional levels, in addition to providing staff according to the actual needs of our customers. We deliver exceptional operational efficiencies.

In our endeavor to enhance national capabilities and achieve the provided standard regulations in the framework of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, the company trains, develops and qualifies Saudi employees to keep pace with developments in information technology and meet the special requirements of the customer.


Repair And Maintenance Services

To ensure uninterrupted workflow and continuity, in addition to increasing the hardware life span, the company provides preventive and curative maintenance services for hardware and software. We also provide emergency technical support for defective systems immediately at your workplace with reduced costs and response times. The company handles sudden malfunctions by experts in most fields and with the latest technology.


All members of our technical support team are well trained. Our team members have many years of practical support experience, are equipped with all the necessary skill sets and tools, and are qualified to support all the offered products to protect your investment in technology and ensure continuous operation and improvement of all devices within the system.

Data Center

Our experience in managing customer experiences with the application of international best practices in this field helped in providing advanced data analysis and smart business solutions. We provide these services to meet the expectations of our partners, ensure high-level performance results in all projects and support customer activities and expansion plans by ensuring the best experiences for their customers, which were designed commensurately with all sectors and markets.

E - Marketing

WSC helps companies market to the best potential customers by providing the right offer at the appropriate time and place to allow the companies see the exact number of people who viewed the home page of your site. Companies can see number of people visited their pages, kind of the used devices and the way by which they reached the site, and many other analytical data. This information helps our customers prioritize specific marketing channels, based on the number of people who come to visit our customers' website. This service allows you to make decisions based on data and information to attract customers to your website. We help you start with a separate digital marketing plan that identifies the required transformation, proves the investment case and changes, then creates an integrated digital plan that is part of the overall marketing plan, then use this digital standardized infographic to track your progress from start to optimization.


Group Messaging Services

WSC provides customized services for the identification of relevant groups for messaging campaigns, text-alerts and various other specific clusters and discussion groups. Group messaging can be an efficient and cost-effective tool for companies, who require an organized setup to communicate with potential, new and loyal customers.

We offer services, such as customized messaging application for corporations, group messaging portals, templates, fast message delivery rates, SMS scheduling, and long message support on a 24/7 basis.

Artificial Intelligence

WSC develops special software in artificial intelligence (AI) field, with skilled and trained Saudi forces on the highest technologies available in the field of artificial intelligence. We provide various solutions in the field of artificial intelligence such as data analysis and future foresight by building technical platforms based on mega data technologies and using artificial intelligence techniques. We provide these solutions to unlock the inherent value in data and optimize its use, and interactive solutions in augmented and virtual reality technologies in addition to simulation techniques and three-dimensional (3D) scenes. We also provide consulting services in artificial intelligence field to improve and advance services.

Value Added Services

WSC supports customers with Value-Added Services (VAS) according to your specific market demands and customized requirements in your environment. We provide a large variety of VAS, from mobile applications to multimedia services allowing you to enhance your revenue. In our value-added services, we excel in providing location-enabled services, multimedia messaging applications and text messaging services with complete customization.

E - MADAR Fleet Tracking Services

eMADAR fleet tracking service is a combination of GPS, GIS and GSM allowing the user to track his vehicles using the internet by logging into the serviced, monitored and registered vehicles.


This service is helpful and sometimes even essential for companies to track the location of their vehicles, monitor various important parameters, avoid fraud and control defrauding. The service can also turn out to be very helpful to monitor violations without complications. The system allows reducing costs, minimizing risks and enhancing efficiency, customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

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