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Cyber Security


We provide state-of-the-art, intelligent cyber security systems for your products and services. WSC is one of the leading cyber security providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who delivers sophisticated cyber systems to keep your business safe and secure. Infrastructure Security includes:

Electronic Security: We provide advanced threat protection solutions that combine advanced technologies to deliver a lifecycle defense that protects your network against a full spectrum of security threats. This solution protects your institution from advanced continuous threats, detects both known and unknown malware, and automates the occurred containment and resolution of incidents.  This makes it possible for everyday security operations and advanced security teams to work together, protect and enable business.

Security Assessment and Risk Exposure Management:  Threat and Risk exposure management solution gives our customers the needed confidence to understand the ever-changing surface of attack, focus on what matters, and generate better security outcomes.

Email Security: We provide solutions that provide flexibility to extend local email security to the cloud in order to reduce server load by offloading spam blocking, virus scanning, virus quarantine, and other security tasks for hosted services on the Internet, helping to free up your IT resources to focus on business-related processes.

Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC): We provide secure, carrier-level DNS solutions that can detect and mitigate attacks, block malware connections and keep services running even while they are under attack. Therefore, you can keep your brand stays intact and keep the customers' business.

Network Visibility and Security Resilience: Achieving a secure and resilient network for attack requires selecting and deploying security devices such as next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to meet application performance expectations. Hardware such as load balancers, application controllers, and performance monitoring tools should also be deployed in the network. We provide solutions that focus on helping to ensure resilient security and application performance in your network.

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