We at Watania Solution Company focus on providing suitable solutions to business requirements of our valuable customers. We deliver simple and precise solutions for your multifaceted needs, creating that competitive advantage for your company. System integration and technology management are our core strength.

Infrastructure Solutions

We provide customer and trade centric IT-infrastructure solutions for excellent end-to-end project management results. We make sure to supply hardware specified by the customer with assessments and recommendations of our expert team for best-fitting solutions serving our client’s business. Furthermore, we perform integration procedures for the implementation of our infrastructure solutions, in which we study, plan, hypothesize, examine and implement through our Project Management Services.

Application Solutions

Watania provides premium tailor-made application features developed by our expert team from your new software application, in order to incorporate them into your existing software applications. We offer a variety of advanced software application solutions to enhance your business capabilities, like E-commerce solutions, enterprise resource planning, human resource management solutions and others.

Data Center Solutions

We provide you reliable and versatile data center solutions to assist you in a complex business environment. We offer services such as platforms, software and infrastructure in data center solutions. We promise to reduce complexity, improve availability, and ensure reliable performance and satisfaction. We plan, design and develop the optimum performance for each data center with highly trained and competent personnel.

NetworkOp Center Solutions

Not only do we provide ICT applications, but we are also capable to assist you with the planning and designing of infrastructure for the operation of multiple systems in a single environment. After site preparation we ensure and develop a flawless and optimized operation phase with reduced costs. We provide the right solution for clients to choose from leading providers of network management systems and applications.

Network Solutions

We provide network facilities including scheming, advancement and constant technical assistance on a 24/7 basis. Our valuable network solutions customers include telecom service providers, private sector enterprises and government clients.

Integrated Solutions

Watania serves clients as a single-source supplier for advanced integrated automation solutions. We provide improved integrated mechanized systems including the latest technologies and products.

Enterprise Integration

Watania delivers complete solutions from detection to continuous improvement for your organization. Our approach is to consistently improve our expertise and to upgrade our technology, in order to plan and execute the improved stratagems.

Cyber Security

We provide state-of-the-art, intelligent cyber security systems for your products and services. Watania is one of the leading cyber security providers in Saudi-Arabia, who delivers sophisticated cyber systems to keep your business safe and secure.

SAP Solutions

Watania offers SAP-applications, such as consulting, support and implementation services for the technical and functional enterprise solutions of our clients. Some of the SAP-applications include LoB Solutions, SRM, CRM, ERP, Mobility, Business Suite, etc.

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is one of the most efficient models to run multiple operating systems on a single physical machine. Watania helps you to improve the productivity of the prevailing IT application and resources using virtualization. This solution helps your company to reduce capital expenditure and operating costs, allows more time for innovations, requires less hardware and increases energy efficiency.

System & Storage Solutions

Watania helps your organization to adapt to rapidly changing business environments and to respond swiftly to changing and new business requirements. We provide IT infrastructure system and storage solutions, which are flexible, integrated and accessible according to your needs. Our system and storage design includes the requirements of current and future storage limits with expected data growth of our client’s business.

Security Solutions for Cash and Valuables

In order to meet the growing demand for security solutions, Watania has decided to accelerate its diversification by establishing a new division. It will mainly cater for the needs of cash-in-transit companies, commercial banks and large retailers, who are looking for state-of-the art security equipment. We will provide hard- and software solutions for the reliable protection of the transport of cash, as well as for ATMs and are proud to contribute to the introduction of best-practice processes and equipment that comply with the most stringent Central Bank requirements.