Watania provides diverse services to optimize operations and processes of your business with a multifaceted ICT infrastructure. We provide high quality ICT services consistently with cost effective solutions. We have experienced professionals at our disposal to provide total information system solutions. Furthermore, we deliver local industry requirements for systems development, manufacturing and repair & maintenance, as well as IT-consulting services together with other value-added services.
Details of the featured services are provided in the following:

Managed Services

Watania is a dependable source of flexible and innovative managed services for your various business requirements. We ensure full liability for our services via agreements with measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and proven Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This guarantees the satisfaction of our customers and allows them to obtain worry-free, well managed and competent IT-services.
We provide complete IT-solutions with comprehensive outsourcing services, while taking full accountability. Watania does not only provide a reliable managed infrastructure, but our technical support services offer comprehensive maintenance programs for any arising issues in hardware and software. Furthermore, we are equally efficient in managing skilled human- and IT- resources for your required tasks within given timeframes and financial limitations.
Finally, we ensure complete end-to-end managed services of resources, processes, people, quality assurance and technology to meet the high expectations of our clients.

Business Consultancy Services

At Watania, our qualified consultants provide advice to companies wishing to setup a new business and/or requiring legal and overall support. Our team of experts is available to ensure that your products and services are delivered without any hassle. Our teams work as per your requirements from business analysis to businesses development.
As IT-business consultants, we first evaluate a company’s needs and then recommend products that will be appropriate as per the circumstances and environment. We can work with you on a strategy allowing to facilitate technological solutions and services. We also offer assistance on system upgrades and incorporation of products in IT-maneuvers required for the relevant business operations.

Group Messaging Services

Watania provides customized services for the identification of relevant groups for messaging campaigns, text-alerts and various other specific clusters and discussion groups. Group messaging can be an efficient and cost-effective tool for companies, who require an organized setup to communicate with potential, new and loyal customers.
We offer services, such as customized messaging application for corporations, group messaging portals, templates, fast message delivery rates, SMS scheduling, and long message support on a 24/7-basis.

Value Added Services

Watania does not only provide best practicable ICT solutions for your business. We also support you with Value-Added Services (VAS) according to your specific market demands and customized requirements in your environment. We provide a large variety of VAS, from mobile applications to multimedia services allowing you to enhance your revenue. In our value-added services, we excel in providing location-enabled services, multimedia messaging applications and text messaging services with complete customization.

Project Management Services

Watania ensures uncompromised professional project management services to our customers. We have certified business analysts to provide top-of-the-range project management, such as assessments, investigations and applicable recommendations for the execution of your project as per your needs and the relevant circumstances.
Watania offers an organized and monitored procedure by project management professionals to ensure full customer satisfaction. We use various proven tools and methods to provide detailed assessments for business requirements with current IT-necessities. After an initial assessment, we analyze the results and provide recommendations to align IT with business requirements and provisions. Our project management team works as per the latest international standards and methods, new and evolving technologies, risk assessments and training for a strategic business approach.

Repair & Maintenance Services

Nothing is everlasting, everything has a life span. To increase the life span of your products and services, Watania offers repair and maintenance services for your systems, such as security, storage and networking, thus supporting your company goals in the long run. We also provide emergency technical support for defective systems immediately at your workplace with reduced costs and response times. We thrive to assist our customers providing complete satisfaction and the fastest possible support.

Workforce Outsourcing Services

Human resources is a great blessing of Allah. No industry can excel without qualified and trained staff. We provide a variety of professionals in the ICT industry at both, ground and professional levels, through technology transfer programs. Our core human resources provided for ICT are consultants, program managers, software experts, computer engineers, field technicians and others. We usually prefer to train Saudi nationals, in order to enhance local know-how, prosperity and welfare. Our candidates will use their outstanding skills to meet the demands of your organization. You can avail the right staff according to your requirements from temporary to permanent workforce.

eMADAR Fleet Tracking Service

اeMADAR fleet tracking service is a combination of GPS, GIS and GSM allowing the user to track his vehicles using the internet by logging into the serviced, monitored and registered vehicles. It is helpful and sometimes even essential for companies to track the location of their vehicles, monitor various important parameters, avoid fraud and control scamming. It can turn out to be very helpful to monitor violations without complications. The system allows to reduce costs, to minimize risks and to enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction and competitiveness.